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NMG Photography

The Cotswold Flower House is thrilled to be working with the fantastic photographer, NMG Photography. Natasha provides families with a memory that will last a lifetime, that can be forever loved, cherished and shared by her creative lifestyle and portrait photography. For more information and to see her work, read her story below or visit her website NMG Photography

For me photography isn’t about being quiet and still, long are the days of sitting and smiling in front of the camera, it’s about creating moments of love, laughter and life. And that’s why I love being a photographer, because memories are made and captured through my camera, it’s natural and it’s perfect.

I have been living and learning photography for many years, with qualifications and professional experience that have provided me with the knowledge to turn my passion into a career.

You’ll often find me, camera in hand, chasing my nieces around the garden trying to capture every smile, laugh and fall. Because for me those moments are the ones I want to remember, falling over in the autumn leaves with bright red wellies that are too big to walk in. And I want to provide that same joy and happiness to my clients, not offer forced smiles, but real ones. Ones that will brighten even the dullest of days.

“There is one thing the photograph must contain,  the humanity of the moment.”

Ansel Adams