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Pomp & Ceremonies

We are so pleased to highly recommend an independent registrar who offers a personal and bespoke service to couples who want something different to the generic and impersonal ceremonies that are performed by registrars. For more information about Jess and her story, see below or visit her website Pomp & Ceremonies:

So about Jess…

I worked with Gloucestershire registration service for over a decade before launching Pomp and Ceremonies…so after almost 1000 ceremonies, I know weddings!

I meet with all my couples, so I can get to know them, find out all about them as a couple, their story, why they are together, funny anecdotes, important events and all the things that make them tick. They can choose readings, music, traditions and as much fun as they like to be included and unlike the registration service, my ceremonies aren’t bound by centuries old laws or time constraints. Independent celebrants perform ceremonies anywhere! Not just in premises with a marriage licence, so my couples really can have the ceremony of their dreams!

I go and write a script that really reflects them and resonates the style of ceremony that they really want. I’m always on hand for any changes that they may like to make, and I’ve got a great knowledge of the wedding industry in The Cotswold’s should they need any recommendations or inspiration.

On the big day itself, I arrive in plenty of time, to soothe any nerves and welcome guests. I make sure everything is as it should be before the bride makes her big entrance! I perform fun, touching and sometimes very moving ceremonies and then I am there, to cheer the couple down the aisle to their celebrations!

My job is to make the ceremony as important and unforgettable as it should be and to make sure the celebrations START with the ceremony and not after!

I have the best job in the world!

Instagram: pomp_and_ceremonies

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Aisle Hire It Ltd

We are delighted to be able to recommend the award winning prop hire company, Aisle Hire It Ltd. They offer a hire service revolved around items you cannot find easily anywhere, but really do make the event super unique, uber stylish and very fun! Please read below to find out more…

Aisle Hire It are a family run, professional yet friendly and reliable prop hire company, specialising in styling wedding and events in Gloucestershire, the Cotswold’s and surroundings areas. They love nothing more than adding a quirky flourish to a wedding or event. Whether you’re after a particular atmosphere or a specific theme, please get in touch to see how they can help take your wedding or event to the next level, ensuring it’s truly memorable.

We ordered the love arch, lanterns and candelabra for our wedding and they looked amazing on the day… the service from AHI was amazing too! Delivered on the morning as promised, no hassle and Jo was so lovely and helpful. Thank you!”

– J Pritchard.

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The Cotswold Tailor

We are thrilled to be able to recommend the award winning tailor, The Cotswold Tailor. They perfectly take traditional British cloths and tailors them with a contemporary twist. This results in unique, elegant designs, that stand out from the usual mass produced clothing on the high street. Please read below to find out more …..

The Cotswold Tailor has been hand crafting bespoke suits for almost 10 years. Even in this relatively short time, wedding suit trends have changed dramatically. When we first started, the wedding hire market was awash with, grey frock coats, swirly satin paisley waistcoats, and wide fitting pleated trousers. And if that wasn’t enough the outfits were finished with rather nasty polyester cravats. Thankfully times have moved on since then. Over the last 5 years we have seen a surge in demand for Barn and country venue weddings. In the Cotswold’s, where our two shops are located, this trend is even more prevalent. The increase in demand for more natural, vintage weddings has been felt across all segments of the wedding market. From a shift towards, lifestyle/storyboard type photographers, to florists using seasonal UK grown flowers. This move really has, enabled the creative juices to run wild. The precise and sometimes precious boundaries that once seemed to govern weddings, have all but gone. Replaced by the desire for creativity, bespoke designs and originality.

As a result of these changes, wedding suit styles have also evolved. The Cotswold Tailor is one of the largest stockists of tweed wedding hire in the country. As grooms look for a more relaxed, natural/vintage look, the popularity of tweed has increased dramatically. This has concurrently led to several other trends, we see today in men’s hire-wear.

* Chinos – as some brides/grooms opt for a more relaxed look, they are deciding to pair the tweed waistcoats/jackets with a pair of chinos rather than matching tweed trousers.

* To Tie Or Not To Tie – Cravats are long gone thankfully, and in its place there has been a huge increase in demand for bow ties. Although not to everybody’s taste, if you have the ‘right look’, a bow tie can look great. Perfect for gents with facial hair, looking for a more vintage ‘GQ’ look. Why not look at the liberty range, these are very on trend at the minute.

* Tailored Fitting Trousers – In the last two years, skinny fit jeans with built in elastane have become incredibly popular. As a result more and more grooms are looking for a tighter fitting trouser. As the majority of hire-wear customers cross hire their suits in, grooms are left with a wider fitting trouser that they are not happy with. Instead of just ‘making do’ why not opt for a hire-wear company that is able to offer an alteration service of their stock, ensuring the exact fit you desire.

* To Buy Or Not To Buy – Many grooms like the idea of both being able to personalise their wedding suit, and having a wedding suit that fits them perfectly. Our bespoke tailoring service and alterations service ensures just that. Because all of our wedding hire is unique to us, we even offer both a purchase option and a hire option within the same ranges.

Looks to the future ….

It’s difficult to say with complete certainty, wedding suit hire trends are a reflection of what else is going on in the market. However, we are starting to see an increase in demand for more formal wedding attire once more. As such it wouldn’t surprise me if in a 2-3 years’ time, morning suits and traditional waistcoats are once again ‘back in vogue’.

One philosophy we have tried to follow when creating our hire wear range, is to tailor suits which offer timeless elegance. Our navy suits are dark enough they don’t look faddish and our morning suits are a tailored cut, not a slim or traditional cut. As such by using the best 100% woollen fabrics, pairing them with an elegant cut and offering a comprehensive alterations service, we ensure our grooms won’t look back at their wedding photos in years to come with regret.