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Pomp & Ceremonies

We are so pleased to highly recommend an independent registrar who offers a personal and bespoke service to couples who want something different to the generic and impersonal ceremonies that are performed by registrars. For more information about Jess and her story, see below or visit her website Pomp & Ceremonies:

So about Jess…

I worked with Gloucestershire registration service for over a decade before launching Pomp and Ceremonies…so after almost 1000 ceremonies, I know weddings!

I meet with all my couples, so I can get to know them, find out all about them as a couple, their story, why they are together, funny anecdotes, important events and all the things that make them tick. They can choose readings, music, traditions and as much fun as they like to be included and unlike the registration service, my ceremonies aren’t bound by centuries old laws or time constraints. Independent celebrants perform ceremonies anywhere! Not just in premises with a marriage licence, so my couples really can have the ceremony of their dreams!

I go and write a script that really reflects them and resonates the style of ceremony that they really want. I’m always on hand for any changes that they may like to make, and I’ve got a great knowledge of the wedding industry in The Cotswold’s should they need any recommendations or inspiration.

On the big day itself, I arrive in plenty of time, to soothe any nerves and welcome guests. I make sure everything is as it should be before the bride makes her big entrance! I perform fun, touching and sometimes very moving ceremonies and then I am there, to cheer the couple down the aisle to their celebrations!

My job is to make the ceremony as important and unforgettable as it should be and to make sure the celebrations START with the ceremony and not after!

I have the best job in the world!

Instagram: pomp_and_ceremonies

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  1. Thankyou Cotswolds Flower House!
    Can’t wait to see some of your wonderful flower creations this wedding season!
    Jess x

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